The presidential flag-bearer of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Abubakar Atiku will undoubtedly emerge the winner of the forthcoming presidential elections in Nigeria.

The UK national coordinator of the Atiku Abubakar campaign Organization, Dr Tony Chidi who expressed the optimism remarked that Atiku would emerge as the winner because the people of the country are solidly behind him both home and abroad.

While buttressing his point, Dr. Chidi said ”considering the present situation in Nigeria, everybody is yearning for a change, not just a change but a positive change”

Dr. Chidi recalled that during the 2015 presidential electioneering campaign, ”Buhari announced that Nigeria was ripe for a change that was not defined but that of Atiku is defined and it is a change towards positivity which will benefit Nigerians especially the youth”

He maintained that Atiku’s change would lead to massive employment in the country and the country’s economy would witness an unprecedented turn-around, money will be in circulation because at present a lot of things are frozen, no importation and nothing is working in all facets of the country.

He stressed that Nigerians are hardworking and not lazy as suggested by president Buhari, ”Most Nigerians want to work but the jobs are not there”

Under Atiku presidency, ”the economy will be buoyant and Nigerian will be able to do what they are unable to do during Buhari’s government where majority of the people are stranded and the wealth of the country is just in a few hands and not going round”

”Things are difficult for people, civil servants are being owed over a year’s salaries and government still expect them to go to work. How do you want them to survive? How can they go to work in that situation, working without being paid? ”

He told African News after a rally held in London meant to drum support for the PDP presidential aspirant, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, that the campaign organisation in the UK was creating awareness to ensure his victory in the election, come February.

According him, all the chapter coordinators are campaigning all over the UK creating awareness in the media, at schools and sharing hand bills in the streets, detailing how Atiku would better the lives of Nigerians and why he should be voted for.

He disclosed that a bigger rally will be held soon in London and ”we are working and looking forward to sending some executive members as of the group as delegate to Nigeria to meet up with Atiku to hear from him directly.

He said the ”possibility of Atiku visiting London is slim because his schedule is very tight but he may squeeze out time to visit anyway”

On appointment of the president niece two months before the elections to head vote counting committee, Dr. Chidi opined that ”it is not done anywhere as stake holder and all Nigerians have condemned the appointment because it does not portray president Buhari’s administration as being transparent”



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