About 190 000 Refugees Will Arrive In Sweden This Year: Minister For Culture And Democracy.


It has been  forecasted that between 140 000 and  190 000 refugees will arrive in Sweden this year.

Speaking at the National Congress of Swedish Youth Councils at the weekend, the minister for culture and democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, who made this disclosure stressed that Sweden as a nation would not turn its  back on people who are in deep need and distress.

According to her ”Sweden will be a country that stands up for and provides a safe place for people in need and distress”

The minister said that ”even though Sweden is situated in the remote northern outskirts of Europe, we have never been isolated from the rest of the world” pointing out that the country would continue to care and do its best to support and be compassionate to people who are in need.

She maintained that ”Sweden will without doubt face significant challenges receiving and taking care of the many refugees who have arrived recently and who will continue to come”

To manage this in a good way, the minister explained that all parts of society have  to work together and have important roles to play: the national government, authorities at various levels, the business sector and civil society

The minister suggested that those who are new in Sweden should not only be provided with housing, income and education. ”It is also very important that they become part of the civil society and feel part of democracy”

She told the Swedish association of Youth Councils and the local youth councils that they have an important contribution to make in this regard because many of those who arrive in Sweden right now are young.

She, also, emphasized the need for cooperation within the EU countries in order to meet common challenges.

The theme of this year’s Youth Conference is: “YOU and the EU – On European politics”.



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