About Us

About us

Africannews Online was conceived and established in 2014. It is established to give voice and to project the image of Africans in Europe, America and the rest of the world. We promise to practise RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISM.

Omotayo Adeyemi
Omotayo has gained a wide experience in the field of journalism and has worked as a reporter and correspondent for several national newspaper groups in Nigeria, Democrat, National interest, and Champion Newspapers, and, he was widely exposed to national events while performing his duties. He has been in contact with the people that matter in his country and has interacted with top government officials and politicians both in the military and civilian regimes ranging from the lawmakers to ministers and presidents.
Omotayo bagged a masters degree at Universita Cattolica, Italy in conjunction with the University of California, Berkeley, USA and a Bachelor degree in public administration at the University of Benin, Nigeria and also earned a Diploma in mass communication at Auchi Polytechnic, Nigeria. Omotayo is friendly, open-minded, curious, inquisitive, positive, reliable and operates an open-door policy and maintains a good rapport with everybody.