The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) worldwide, Pastor E.A. Adeboye has declared that he cannot choose who will succeed him.

Pastor Adeboye who made this declaration Wednesday while addressing the RCCG workers rally in Stockholm, prelude to the Festival Of Life (FOL) gathering held at the weekend, however, remarked that it is left for God to decide his successor.

To buttress his point, the General Overseer, explained that ‘’If Moses were to choose a successor, he would have chosen Caleb because when the two came back after they had spied the land, Caleb was the first fellow that said we can take the land but God choose Joshua. Caleb would have been a great leader but God knows the end from the beginning’’

According to him, that night when they returned Joshua, did not say a word. It was the second day that Joshua now corroborated what Caleb said.

Adeboye asserted that ‘’Caleb was a good man, don’t misunderstand me, he would have been a great leader but God knows the end from the beginning’’

The RCCG spiritual head also opined that democracy is good but pointed out that God is not a democrat. He said ”for those who are looking forward to when they would vote for a successor you are in a wrong choice’’

‘’ We thank God for democracy. I have nothing against democracy at all. Beautiful thing, but God is not a democrat. Democracy is good. If God were to be a democrat, many of us here could never have been saved. Me in particular, because my friends would not have voted for my salvation. They would want me to remain a sinner, eating, drinking, womanizing and talking rubbish. It is God who decided in His sovereign way. When God wants to do something, He simply does it. Let there be light and there was light. He did not say let us vote’’ he explained.

‘’You need to get that one clear, for those of you who will grow; God is not a democrat. Democracy is good and wonderful. It is the government of the people for the people and by the people’’

Adeboye who taught on THE LATTER RAIN, said it is erroneous to say that the young shall grow, rather he said the young can grow or may grow and stressed that not every young shall grow in many cases, saying Gehazi did not grow because of greed and covetousness.

He said ‘’a minister is a servant and if a worker must grow and have a taste of the latter rain, he/she must serve his/her leader, must work hard, must stick to his/her leader, must be loyal to his/her leader, must share his/her leader’s vision and must fulfill his/her purpose’’

He, however, asked a rhetorical question, ‘’will your weakness allow you to be a partaker of the latter rain?’’

He prophesied that ”revival is on the way and Europe shall be saved”

Festival Of Life (FOL) which took place at the weekend in Stockholm had over three thousand worshippers and during the alter call, hundreds of people gave their lives to God.





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