Break Dangote group’s monopoly on importation of consumer goods to Nigeria


The federal government of Nigeria has been advised to break the undue monopoly of Dangote Group on the importation of consumer goods to Nigeria in order to encourage competition in the economy.Dangote Group is a multi-national conglomerate with its headquarters in Nigeria.

Stockholm-based Pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Chapel of Grace, Masta, Odile Joseph Ogbemudia who gave the advise, pointed out that Dangote’s monopoly would hamper the progress of the economy and has caused untold hardship to the people of the country because of high price.

Pastor Joseph who was visibly angry about the long-standing monopoly by Dangote group, said licenses should be granted to importers who have the capacity and capability to supply food and other essential goods to the country.

He lamented that people are suffering and dying of hunger and queried ”how can one man (Dangote Group) be the one importing sugar, cement, rice, salt and everything to a country with more over 150 million people. It is a taboo. It is not done anywhere. It is a sin against God. They should open the door of importation to other importers. There should be competition in Nigeria. They should not corner everything to one person and later go behind to collect kickback”. The clergy also used the opportunity to advised the in-coming government led by Mohamadu Buhari not to compromise as that would amount to ”business as usual” and his administration should enforce the law no matter whose ox is gored.

He urged the government of Buhari to do the first and necessary thing that Nigeria requires which is light, by prioritising power supply to all the nooks and crannies of the country, ”if God Almighty can not do without light, there is no nation on earth that can succeed without light. The first thing that Nigeria needs is light. In Genesis 1 verse 3, God said let there be light and there was light. In the beginning, God needed light to conquer darkness”.

On assumption of office, he implored the president-elect, to also dismantle the so-called council of elders statesmen because the body had lost its value, stressing that members of the council are failures and they would help him to fail if he sought their counsel.

According to him, Buhari should endeavour to leave the office better than he met it ”he should be ready to make sacrifice. He should use his remaining life to serve Nigeria. He should make the country a better place for people to live. He that must build Nigeria must be men who are ready to make sacrifice. If J.J. Rawlings did not make sacrifice, Ghana will not be where they are today”.

Pastor Joseph who is also the chief executive of OJ Sweden Express, however, reminded the in-coming president of the need to declare total war against bribery and corruption, from Aso rock to state government houses, local councils and permeate the citizenry in general, emphasising that the country must be cleansed from the top to the bottom. ” If the top federal government functionaries stop taking bribe, the states will stop it, the police, custom and all other law enforcement agencies will stop taking bribe, and the citizens will follow suit, then corruption will be eliminated even at the grassroot in Nigeria”

While relating his experience in Benin Republic, he disclosed that the citizens of the country neither give nor take bribe because their president declared war against bribery and corruption and did enforced the law by punishing some top government functionaries found guilty of corruption in order to serve as deterrent to others.



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