Christians worldwide told to stand strong for Christ


Convinced by the events happening in the world today which are signs of the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, Christians across the globe have been enjoined to stand strong for Christ.

The general overseer of Divine Assurance Ministry, Pastor Rotimi Oteniya who gave this advise while speaking to African News, maintained that  time and season are ripe for our Saviour to come.

While urging believers to be observant, he pointed out that ”we must stand for our master, He will come very soon. Let us stand strong for Him” because hell is real and heaven too is real.

Pastor Oteniya who is currently in Sweden for a five-day power-packed crusade in Boden, urged all the people who are going through all kinds of spiritual challenges in life to avail themselves of the opportunity to attend the crusade where they would experience the supernatural move of God and their problems would become a thing of the past.

The man of God implored both Christians and non-Christians alike to come en masse to witness the unfailing power of God as they would see God in action and spectacular miracle would be wrought in their lives as they believe God for their desired transformation.

He stressed that nothing is too hard for God to do as God would handle all their challenges and give genuine seekers a new lease of life.

Oteniya who is also an acclaimed marriage counsellor and FAITH WORLD TV pastor, affirmed that marriage is sweet, pointing out that ”no matter the agony you are going through in marriage, you can still enjoy the sweetness of marriage, God can restore the sweetness of your marriage as you invite Jesus into your marriage”

Pastor Oteniya who also took a cursory look at the activities of the present government in Nigeria, eulogised president Muhammadu Buhari for all the steps his government had taken so far to rid the country of corruption. He, however, urged Nigerians to support the present administration’s effort at moving the country forward.

The five-day crusade will feature ministration, marriage counselling, teaching, healing and deliverance services.



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