The celestial church of Christ (CCC) held it’s first ever revival service in Sweden.


The Celestial Church Of Christ (CCC) held it’s first ever revival service in Sweden titled,       ULTIMATE DELIVERANCE 2015 between 12th and 14 of February in Sodertalje,Stockholm. The host minister, Superior Evangelist Michael Ashaolu told the African News in an interview that the revival was the first of its kind to be organised by the Celestial Church Of Christ in the Scandinavia. Ashaolu said believers who came received their miracles in the revival as the power of God moved mightily and deliver all those that were oppressed by the devil. According to him, miracles flowed to all worshippers at the revival to the glory of God, adding that ”God manifested Himself and the name of God was glorified” Ashaolu agreed that a lot of people are going through one spiritual problem or the other but assured that such people should always avail themselves of the opportunity to get their much-desired deliverance at the gathering of God’s people. ”God will always show Himself to the people who Come to Him. It is not the revivalists that will heal you but God Himself will deliver you from all your struggles” He said God called him to start a new branch of the church called Celestial Church Of Christ (Jehovah El Rahcum Parish) in Sweden and promised to discharge his spiritual duties to the satisfaction of the most high God.

Minister Ashaolu who told African News that his church would be the second branch of the Celestial Church Of Christ in Sweden and the Scandinavia at large, however, praised the Shepherd-in-charge of the first parish of the CCC in Sweden (Ark Of God Parish), Superior Evangelist Collins Nwajei for his steadfastness and prayed God to continue to uphold the church under his leadership.

He used the opportunity to debunk negative perceptions of people about Celestial Church of Christ, pointing out that all churches are serving the same God but with different modes of worship and opined that the use of certain items and materials by CCC are Biblical. According to him, the use of white garment, candles, olive oil, walking barefooted, use of Holy water and the burning of incense were all biblical and cited Bible Verses to buttress his point, ” Read about the use of White garment called Sutana, in Exodus 39 verse 27-29, Use of Water in the book of Exodus 30 verse 18-21, Walking barefooted in the book of Exodus 3 verse 15, Use of olive oil in the book of Exodus 30 verse 25, Use of Candles in Numbers 8 verse 1 and the burning of incense in the book of Leviticus 10 verse 1-2 and Exodus 30 verse 9” He dispelled the views held by some people that Celestial Churh Of Christ does not associate with other denominations but explained that CCC worldwide maintained good rapport with other churches and in fact on several occasions have had joint programmes with some pentecostal churches.”We have had interdenominational Bible Quiz Contests and interdenominational church services with other churches outside the CCC because we are all serving the same God, only that the way we worship is different from the way other churches worship” The minister diclosed that plans are on top gear to establish more CCC parishes in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and other Scandinavia countries.

He, however, thanked the Reverend Pastor of Celestial Church Of Christ world wide, Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa, Venerable Superior Evangelist (Dr) Olusegun Olarinde JP, Superior Evangelist Prophet (Dr) Samuel Babatunde Ogunro, Superior Evangelist Prophet E. Alowoshile JP, Superior Evangelist T. Odubanjo, Superior Evangelist Collins Nwajei and other Shephards and church workers for their prayers and spiritual support.





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