Believers all over the Scandinavia have been assured of spectacular miracles to be wrought in their lives by God as they attend the forthcoming Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DCLM) Scandinavia conference 2015 scheduled for 24th to 27th of December in Stockholm.

”Yes, there will be spectacular miracles and that is what everyone coming to the conference should expect and will receive by the grace of God”

The Scandinavia Overseer of  Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Ogonna Obudulu who gave this assurance while interacting with the African News in Stockholm, declared that ”this is what God has promised and participants in the conference should have this expectations”

The pastor, however, pointed out that ”it is important to have faith in God to receive these miracles”

Obudulu expressed his optimism that God would manifest His power in a supernatural way, ”the sick will receive divine healing, those with diverse problems both spiritual and physical will have their needs met in a supernatural way through an encounter with God Almighty. There will be showers of blessings for participants, answers to every prayer and God manifesting his power in people’s life in many miraculous ways”

While urging all believers in Christ to come, he explained that there would be great transformation in the lives of the people as they receive the word of God that would guide their lives, make them better and move them forward in all areas of life. He also said the conference presents an opportunity for people to receive salvation which is a free gift from God that brings transformation in the lives of people.

Responding to question on the scarcity of miracles in churches, he maintained that ”God still work miracles in the Church today. There are several testimonies in the church of God today that continue to show that God’s words are true and He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  What hinders people from receiving  miracles differ in different individual.  This conference is an opportunity for each participant to personally talk to God, hear from God as to the cause of any hindrance(s) in his or her  life and have God remove all hindrances to prayers in their lives through the power in the name and blood of Jesus Christ. JESUS himself mentioned in the book of Mark 9:23 that all things are possible to him who believes”

Pastor Obudulu also advised church leaders to be faithful in teaching the whole counsel of God and allow the Holy Spirit to guide them, ”their lifestyles should also be examples for their followers to emulate. I will also advice their followers to develop personal relationship with God, maintain life of prayers and meditation on God’s word”

He described DCLM as a unique  ministry where the whole counsel of God are being thought and ”We practice all that is written in the scriptures and do not leave out anything or add something. We are preparing ourselves to see GOD and to spend eternity with him in Heaven and the criteria to enter Heaven is holiness as God’s word says that without holiness no one shall see the HIM”

The clergy used the opportunity to advise  christians to be watchful as ”we are living in the end times.  All prophecies in the bible  that  point  to the end times have been fulfilled and are being fulfilled before our eyes showing the need for us to prepare for Christ coming”

The man of God reiterated that the second coming of the Lord is imminent and counselled believers  to emulate the five wise virgins who were adequately prepared with oil in their lamps when the bridegroom appeared suddenly as opposed to the five foolish virgins who were careless.

He also spoke on the essence of the yearly conference,  ”there are several reasons why we have this yearly meeting. First, we gather to thank God for His great mercies, faithfulness, provision, protection and blessings throughout the year and to appreciate Him for our lives. Secondly, It is also to commit the coming year into His hands and to receive divine instructions and guidance from His word in preparation for the coming year 2016. Moreover, it is a commandment from God that all His children gather before him regularly. Thirdly, it is a time to share or pray with other Christians as we celebrate the end of the year in anticipation for God’s blessings in the New Year” he explained












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