FIFA Launches New 11 Rules To Forestall Doping


The world football governing body has launched 11 new rules to prevent doping.

Also, a new poster has been launched aimed at raising awareness among young athletes, coaches, doctors, trainers and parents about the dangers and consequences of doping.

The poster contain 11 simple messages selected by experts in anti-doping management in collaboration with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). These messages introduce basic but important advice, such as checking the list of prohibited substances, avoiding recreational drugs, taking care with food supplements, and applying for therapeutic use exemptions (TUE).

FIFA, however, appealed to all its member associations world-wide to distribute the posters to their clubs and national teams at all levels. The posters should be printed and displayed in football facilities all across the respective countries, particularly for youth-level players to see.

According to the governing body, ”for every player that learns about the dangers of doping will lower the risk of footballers taking doping substances due to a lack of knowledge”

In addition, FIFA is reaching out directly to fans and players across the world via its digital and social media platforms to drive home the importance of doping prevention.



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