Miss Africa Netherlands Beauty Pageant: Slated For November 15th in the Netherlands


The 2015/2016 Miss Africa Netherlands beauty pageant has been slated for 15th of November at Het Cultuurgebouw De Meerse in the Netherlands.

The event which will be the third edition, is an initiative aimed at empowering women of African descent residing in the Netherlands in becoming role model and to create a positive impact in their communities.

According to the organisers of the beauty contest ”we celebrate strong, talented and committed women with beauty and brains, from inside out, who are determined to bring change to their communities”

Miss Africa Netherlands will also provide a platform for young Africans to achieve personal growth and development, take pride in their heritage and discover their inner beauty while pursuing a lifelong educational career and laying a strong foundation as leaders of tomorrow

The Initiative is committed to empowering African women, thereby, strengthening families and transforming communities.

The organisers who acknowledged the key role the african woman plays in educating her children, however said, her contribution towards the advancement of the continent can not be overemphasized.

The organisers remarked in a statement made available to the African News, that they are highly commited to advancing this cause by presenting opportunities to empower enchanting, dynamic and enthusiastic African women who are determined to bring change to their communities.

Through Miss Africa Netherlands, the organisers promised, to impact the African continent positively and leave behind an enduring and praiseworthy legacy.

The winners will be empowered to become ambassadors for Africa and have their names written in the sands of time.




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