Renowned African Footballer, Samuel Eto’o, Eulogizes His Father


The most decorated african footballer, Samuel Eto’o, has praised his father, saying that he made him to become who he is today.

He said ”you’ve always taken me by the hand to show me the way” referring to the way to succeed in life.

Eto’o who gave the eulogy on his Facebook post yesterday, revealed that his father cared for him and his siblings when he was young and imparted durable values such as love and hard work to them.

According to him, ”you’ve always taken me by the hand to show me the way. You’ve helped me become the man I am today, by sharing values such as love, sharing and hard work. When we are younger, our parents care for us, protect us and give us their all, so when we grow up we must never miss a chance to give it back to them and say “I love you”

The footballer who posed with his father in the picture, maintained that ”I love you dad!”

Samuel Eto’o is the most decorated african footballer and a four-time African Footballer of the Year and twice African Nations Cup winner.



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