Save Sweden Christianity Organisation (SSCO) formed in Stockholm


A non-denominational Christian body has been formed in Stockholm called Save Sweden Christianity Organisation. It will serve as a platform for churches in Sweden to spread the gospel of Christ to the world.

Save Sweden Christianity Organisation promised to sensitise all the churches in Sweden through the media in order to achieve its laudable goal.

The coordinator of the oraganisation, Mr. August Taube, who spoke with the African News in an interview in Stockholm, remarked that ”the organisation is poised to bring hope and courage to the body of Christ in Sweden and to the world at large”

Mr. Taube who eulogised African churches and missionaries in Stockholm advised Swedish churches to emulate the African churches ”because there is much prayer works in these churches”

He described the emergence of African churches in the country as a blessing because they have come to save the Swedish society through the untiring prayers they offer.

Mr. Taube who is a naval officer, however, urged the Swedish and other churches in the country to adopt the unrelenting prayer worksin African churches in order to better the country spiritually.

While asserting that Sweden is a Christian nation, he emphasised the need for the Swedish church to wake up from their slumber and offer prayers for the country, just as he reasoned that the ”coming of African missionaries to Sweden would ginger the prayer life of the Swedish Christians from their prayerlessness Christianity”

”African churches must teach the Swedish church how to pray, we need those who can stand in the gap for Sweden, those who can bring down the stronghold of darkness through prayers. Swedish churches need to join the African churches to succeed in this task”

The Save Sweden Christianity coordinator spoke of the revival and the awakening coming to Sweden and stressed the need for all churches in the country to be united in order to achieve the goal of winning Sweden for Christ ” we need to find ways to work together. We need to back ourselves the way the other religions do. We need missionaries. we need to support those who can stand for God and Christianity”

Taube disclosed that the foundation of Sweden was laid on Christianity and the country has a long tradition of sending out missionaries to other countries of the world, ”Sweden is the fourth largest bible exporting country in the world and the country has sent out several missionaries to China and the rest of the world”

He lamented that Sweden which once stood for Christ is now waning, ”The system took away people’s focus from God. Instead of turning to God, we now turn to the state. We no longer turn to God for help”

Taube announced that Christ is the solution to all life’s problems and urged the people to turn to God. He said though most Swedes are Christians but they are not born-again Christians and counselled that they must be born-again to enjoy the supernatural blessings from God.

Mr. Taube also disclosed that Greater Works, which is the prayer wing of the Save Sweden Christianity Organisation, currently, has more than twenty four  countries following it ”These countries are using our articles and materials. God is truly involved in the greater works because of the testimonies that abound. Christians must show the world what we carry and the miracles that God is doing in our lives through testimonies”

On the funding of the Save Sweden Christianity Organisation, he said ”like all awakenings, God will supply funds. God will supply all the financial support we will need to execute our plans”

The organisation, he disclosed, intends to brand Christian companies to encourage business leaders ” we must flow our capital into the body of Christ. Business leaders in the church must get people employed from the church. A company built on strong Christin belief must be branded and prayed for. We must be ambassadors of Christ that we are and our products, should be, selling internal life to the people”

He said the group would purchase a boat to be named UNITY BOAT to preach and win souls for Christ and the boat would sail from beach to beach in Stockholm.

Also speaking, the board chairman of the Save Sweden Christianity Organisation, Pastor Steve Eriamiantoe, stressed the need for all Christian denominations in Sweden to join the SSCO to fight the kingdom of darkness and win the country for Christ.

Pastor Steve remarked that the Greater, and MS Unity Boat .se are all sub groups working together with the mother body, Save Sweden Christianity Organisation, to propagate the gospel of Christ to the world.

He spoke of plans by the organisation to create jobs and wealth for the Christian community in Stockholm, saying that ”God will open doors that no man can shut”.









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