Swedish Government Earmarks SEK 20 Million To Fight Racism In The Country



The government of Sweden has earmarked the sum of SEK 20 million to strengthen efforts to prevent and combat racism and similar forms of hostility in the country.

The money is being set aside for a period of four years (2016–2019) for projects in this area to be brought together and systematised within the framework of a national plan.

In a press statement released by the ministry of culture and democracy in Stockholm, the Government is poised to lay the foundation for long-term and results-oriented efforts to combat racism and similar forms of hostility.

According to the statement, ”during the autumn, the minister for culture and democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke will host awareness-raising activities for the general public and dialogues with vulnerable groups on racism and similar forms of hostility in various locations throughout the country”

Representatives of civil society, politicians and officials will take part in the activities and this will form an important part of the material for the national plan that would be drawn up.

SEK 5 million per year will be provided during the period 2016–2019.




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