The Swedish government is to implement a national plan to combat racism as well as similar forms of hostility and hate crime in the country.

It also vowed never to compromise the principle of equal value of all people and promised to defend, deepen and strengthen democratic values in Sweden for the future.

Government while lamenting in an article co-authored by Prime Minister Stefan Lovfen and the Minister for culture and democracy, Alice Bah Kuhnke, to mark International Holocaust Day in Stockholm, stressed that Racism, anti-Semitism, antiziganism, hate against LGBTQ people and prejudice against people with disabilities are still an ongoing scourge.

According to them, the Swedish Research Council had begun a survey of racism in the Swedish labour market while disclosing that the Research Bill outlines major investments in research involving racism and xenophobia.

They explained that faith communities are currently receiving increased support for interfaith dialogues around the country.

The article noted that The Living History Forum would roll out an extensive educational initiative to reach Swedish schools and professional groups, such as employment agents, social workers and police employees in order to stamp out racism and hate-related crimes.

”This misanthropy limits freedom for the individual and cohesion among us all. It finds expression in everything from physical violence on our streets, to threats and conspiracy theories on social media” the article concluded.



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