2015 Yoruba day celebration slated for May 23rd in Stockholm


The president of the Yoruba Union, Stockholm, Mr. Adeola Aderounmu, announced at the weekend that the 2015 YORUBA DAY celebration has been slated for May 23rd in Stockholm.

The Yoruba Union, a socio-cultural group based in Stockholm, will use the occasion to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the yoruba people as respectable race in the world.

Mr. Aderounmu told the African News in chat in Stockholm that the yearly event is put together to celebrate some aspects of yoruba culture in Sweden.

According to him, ”it will really be impossible to show everything that is involved in yoruba culture or heritage. Some of them that are easy to display or represent, like music, dance, way of dressing and some other aspects related to the type of food we eat and the language we speak will be done. We will show our culture through all these i have mentioned. We want to promote these things in the Swedish society”

Aderounmu who described the Yoruba Union as a platform that represents the yorubas in Stockholm, disclosed that prior to the formation of the group five years ago, there was no existing platform to bring yoruba people together.

He said that the union has helped many yorubas with information on how to integrate into the Swedish society especially those who were helpless on how to get jobs and accommodation. ”without the union, people may have been helpless not knowing what to do”

Aderounmu stated that the union has possitively affected the lives of its members individually and the group in general, adding that the union would be willing to assist within the limit of its resources any yoruba in the diaspora living in Sweden, who had been disconnected from his or her root to reconnect.

While eulogizing the reputation of the Yoruba Union Stockholm, the president divulged that the Swedish government contacted the union when the modern museum in Stockholm brought some yoruba artifacts to Stockholm.

He said the Union use the opportunity to display some yoruba arts and represented the yoruba very well through dance and music, ”I also gave a lecture at this event which was organised by the modern museum in Stockholm. My lecture was about ANCIENT ARTS IN ILE IFE. In the lecture, i traced to several centuries how the yorubas have been doing a lot of arts works and how they have been relevant and been pioneers in different types of art works like TERRACOTTA and other types of art works which were previously not known to other parts of the world. In my lecture, i emphasised that the types of arts which people might think originated from western world and other parts of the world may have actually originated from Ile Ife and the lecture was well-attended”

He said that he was proud as a yoruba man to present such a lecture which had brought the yoruba to a significant front in this Swedish society.

The president who maintained that he was proud to be a yoruba, remarked that people should be proud of their heritage, culture and language, who they are and where they came from, saying ”significantly, the yoruba race is a wonderful race. There are evidence of yoruba language in some other languages we have seen. The yoruba language is the bedrock for other languages”

”The yoruba culture or civilisation is advanced and well ahead of its time, especially when i talked of the ancient arts in Ile Ife, it gives one a source of joy to understand that there has been some knowledge and civilisation from Ile Ife, where we came from as yorubas even before this knowledge and civilisation were brought to other parts of the world”

For example, he revealed that the Ifa religion was actually the foundation for computer revolution around the world. When you look at the binary codes that are used in computer programming and tracing their origin to what we call Odu Ifa, which unfortunately may have been neglected by those who are supposed to be the custodians of this knowledge but the western world has picked up and used it for many of their computer revolution”

Odu Ifa contains a lot of figures, constructions and notations that have been useful in constructing very strong edifices around the world, he opined.

Yoruba is one of the largest ethnicities found in West Africa with a unique culture, language,religion,beliefs and traditions.

Today, the Yoruba people are more than 40 million people and have their roots in Ile Ife, southwest part of Nigeria, with numerous populations spread throughout the world.

Modern times have greatly recognized Yoruba contributions to arts, religion and medicine. Today, Yoruba is without a doubt, the largest thriving culture in all of Africa.

The Yoruba people occupy a major part of western Africa, covering the many states of Nigeria and the neighboring states of Benin and Togo. They are also found in Latin American countries such as Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and in the Caribbean islands. A number of Yoruba communities are also situated throughout America.

Dignitaries are expected within and outside Sweden; Professor Adewale Adeniran,the executive director of the Center For Black Cultural And International Understanding will be the guest speaker and to speak on the ”PROSPECTS OF THE PRESERVATION AND MODERNISATION OF THE YORUBA LANGUAGE” while Mr. Dele Momodu will be the Special Guest.

The occasion will also be graced by the minister in charge of the Nigerian Embassy in Sweden, Mrs.Ada, Nigerian Embassy official, Mrs. Nwachukwu and some yoruba elders, which include, Engineer Aluko and a renowned industrialist based in Sweden, Mr. Sola Amao.



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